MEI Industrial Machinery

MEI focus its activity in the fabrication of machinery and the design of all-in-one solutions for automatization lines and industrial processes. As a technology partner, we link core process know-how with innovative engineering to deliver specialized and integrated complete solutions. Special machinery, hydraulic presses, mould carriers, ovens, foam inyector valves and thermoconforming machines represent only a small part of the broad spectrum of products we offer to our clients.

Our company is leader in key specialized machinery among very competitive industrial sectors like automotive or Aeronautic. Been our clients world-leaders International manufacturers. We offer integrated design services, fabrication, assembly, production start up and Tracking of our machines as well as the complete safety warranty in accordance to standard safety policies.


MEI offers through its I+D department all kind of technicall consultory for lines and industrial processes prototyping, taking care of our client´s needs and using for each case the last technologies in design and simulation available.


We are a company in constant technological renewal, where innovation and the development of special machinery has let us become and international reference. We offer designs and prototypes of machinery adapted to our client´s needs.


MEI produces a wide range of industrial machinery for the automotive market. MEI keep introducing constant improvements on its machinery so it can better respond to the sector needs and be better adapted to our clients requirements.


MEI develops a wide range of products focus on the demanding aeronautic sector. MEI fully fulfills its quality requirements and high standards of reliability needed either on its themoconforming ovens or on its RTM machines.